A Journey of Life and Love

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Some journeys are more exciting than any destination on earth. Marriage is one of those trips we hope to take with someone who will be there with us for every adventure that comes with life. Today marks just two short months since I married my soulmate, my partner in life and I couldn’t be anymore thankful.

Our first month of marriage was spent navigating Southeast Asia together, planning as we went. As stressful as it was sometimes, we never fought and never felt overwhelmed with each other. Even though we had been on many trips before, this was our first unplanned, long-term trip and we managed to make it through unscathed and ready for the next one.

Our second month was filled with assimilating back into the routine of life at home. Catching up with family and friends and dreading the aftermath of a month away from work. Now the dust has settled, and we are back to our regularly scheduled routine. Life is no different, we’re just married now and I think that’s the way it should be.

I knew the day we got married that it was the right decision; that I was marrying my best friend and that the next day would be just like any other day. Being happy with the everyday of life, that is what marriage is about. Not a big party, or an exotic honeymoon because when the confetti stops falling and the fireworks are over, you are left with the person you stood with at the altar. At the end of each day, I feel blessed to have found someone who understands me and shares my goals and ambitions. That is all anyone can hope for in a life partner. So today, I just want to say I love you Jason! I can’t wait to experience all the adventures of life with you.


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