Casa Tia Micha Valladolid, Mexico Hotel Review

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Mexican Pool Casa Tia Micha

Driving into the city center on one of many one way streets, you would miss the front of this boutique hotel without a second glance. You wouldn’t know it from the outside, but Casa Tia Micha is a gem hidden in the narrow streets of Valladolid, Mexico. After circling the one way blocks and nearly passing it twice, we finally spotted the small door with the green facade wall that was the entrance to the Casa Tia Micha. The lobby wasn’t much of an entrance, more of a foyer with a small desk pushed up against a wall. When we first walked in we had to call out for someone as there was no one there. After a quick look around outside to make sure we were in the right place, a woman appeared from the outdoor walkway just inside past the foyer entrance. She pleasantly greeted us and asked for our reservation name. Their system was nothing more than a binder with print outs from online booking sites but she had our information immediately. She requested the balance due calculated in Mexican Pesos. I had informed her that I had already paid the booking and she said she would confirm and check back with me later and would walk us to our room in the meanwhile. All with a smile and no recourse even though her records indicated I owed a balance. We later verified in our records that I was mistaken about the payment and went down to pay the woman and she was very gracious about it.

Santa Ana Casa Tia Micha Valladolid


After parking just next door and adjacent to the building -just before the entrance to the hotel on the one way street, also easy to miss – the woman walked us up to our room, the Santa Ana Suite 105 on the second floor corner. It was a lovely and spacious room with a King four post bed, armoire, vanity, small flat screen on a dresser and a small round table with four chairs. We also had a bar with a 750mL Chilean wine and a mini fridge filled with soda and water already included in the price of our stay. The bathroom was small but updated with a porcelain raised bowl sink and renovated shower equipped with two bathrobes. The bed itself was firm and the linens smelled fresh.

Complimentary Wine Casa Tia Micha

The location itself is only one block from the main square where you have several dining options and a view of the Cathedral in one corner. The walk is easy and safe even late at night. The woman at Casa Tia Micha assured us Valladolid was a safe town and recommended a few places to see and restaurants to try. The restaurants seemed more like tourist traps with “free cocktail” promotions that weren’t exactly free but that is to be expected. We opted for a place that looked filled with locals instead for dinner.

Bathroom Casa Tia Micha


The next morning we were greeted with a full breakfast buffet in the courtyard also included in the price of our stay. We had a full selection of Chilaquiles, Tamales, fruit, crepes, eggs and more. It was the best breakfast we had eaten all trip. Another hotel person who seemed to be a manager, came over to talk to us during breakfast making small chatter about our itinerary and where we were from. When we were ready to depart, we just gave them the key and were off. They offered to take down our bags, but we had already packed up before breakfast.

Casa Tia Micha Breakfast Valladolid Mexico

We had a wonderful stay for $105 USD and with everything included, we would recommend this hotel to anyone looking for a pleasant stay with a touch of extra.


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