Miami Skydiving Center : Pre Jump Jitters

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It’s the morning before my first and likely only skydiving experience. Jason booked it months ago and this is our third attempt at this after two reschedules due to bad weather. The weather seems hit or miss today, but I guess later will tell if we will jump today. We are jumping with Miami Skydiving Center thanks to a Groupon sale. The Groupon also made it harder to schedule the jump as Miami Skydiving Center apparently has a set number of Groupons per day that they schedule whereas if you schedule directly with them you can schedule almost any time pending availability.

Well that’s the back story, on to today! I woke up before 7am on a day I didn’t have to! If you met me you would know this is unheard of for me. I am just so jittery and nervous about the whole thing and the likelihood of impending doom. Yes, maybe I am being a little dramatic, but with the recent report of two skydivers having died in another Florida location, it just felt a little close to home. Statistically, on average under 20 people die in the US due to skydiving accidents out of approximately 3 million jumps. Nearly all of the deaths are by experienced jumpers and not tandem. Now in comparison, driving a car results in an average of 10 million accidents per year and out of those about 40,000 of them end with fatalities. I’ve been doing my research all morning! I’ve been reading Miami Skydiving Center reviews, checking out the website, and watching YouTube videos.

After all my research, I feel a little more at ease, but considering this is my greatest fear, I can’t exactly get over it. I guess we’ll see what this afternoon holds for me. Here’s to hoping I will live to blog another day!