Photo Journey of the Week – Qingdao, China

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This week’s photo journey is about my trip to China during March before the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Below are photos from the Qingdao portion of the trip!Chinese Monk at Temple

This monk above repeatedly told passerby’s to quiet down as we were in a Buddhist Temple in Qingdao. He was not amused by the tourists ignoring the “Silence” signs everywhere.
Temple in China Buddha

Close up depiction of Buddha above. One of the many shrines on premises.Chinese Monk at Temple

Buddhist Monk walking out of Temple through the tourists. Temple in China Buddha

Different Buddha statue with canopy.Chinese Brides Qingdao

While in Qingdao by the coast, we ran into a bridal shoot but there were several brides at once.Chinese Brides Qingdao We couldn’t tell if it was a magazine shoot or if actual brides were shooting their wedding shots together.Chinese Street Vendor Local street vendor near the coast of QingdaoFertility Shrine China Fertility shrine in Buddhist TempleQingdao coast Coastal Qingdao was beautiful despite the overcast weather.Chinese Brides Qingdao The brides were the only ones on the beach Beijing Olympic Innaguration Qingdao Fireworks Fireworks at the Qingdao Inauguration of the 2008 Beijing Olympics Beijing Olympic Innaguration Qingdao Band playing at the Inauguration Beijing Olympic Innaguration Qingdao Chinese Food Food as always interesting to say the least.Tsingtao Chinese Beer of Choice But you could always count on good beer…Chinese Monk …and more monks un-amused by tourists.