The Carnival Breeze Review Series Part III – Best and Worst


Best – Slides

Carnival Breeze Slides
Slides of the Carnival Breeze

Although not always open, the slides on the Carnival Breeze are the best activity on board. Your best time in getting on the Twister or the Drainpipe is on port days before 5pm. On sea days it was usually closed due to wind. People of all ages were in line over and over to take a ride down the slides. The Drainpipe slide is a long steep drop that turns and then drops you inside a big bowl where you glide around a couple of times before you lose momentum. The Twister slide had lots of turns and a couple of drops where you can’t be sure when it will end until you are out. The slides were by far the most fun on the ship.

Worst – The boat rocking

I have never experienced a boat rock as much as the Carnival Breeze. Even on slow-moving says, we felt every motion of the boat. Having been on cruises before, I have only felt the ship moving a couple of times. On the Carnival Breeze, it was the whole time. You would see people grabbing for something on fast-moving days to keep from keeling over.


Best – Chocolate Delight Day

Towards the end of the cruise on one of the last sea days, the Lido Marketplace hosted a buffet line dedicated to all desserts chocolate! They had chocolate cheesecake, chocolate cake, cupcakes, a fondue fountain, churros, chocolate filled wontons and lots more chocolate filled desserts. After a week of terrible desserts, there was finally something with real sugar in it. The best of it was the chocolate cheesecake.

Worst – Dessert in the Lido Marketplace

Carnival Breeze Lido Desserts
Carnival Breeze Lido Desserts

Aside from Chocolate Delight Day at the Lido Marketplace, every other day was dreadful. I had cupcakes that all tasted like cornbread. Cake that tasted so bland, I wondered if they even used sugar, real or otherwise. Even the ice cream available all day and night was terrible, tasting more like vanilla and chocolate flavored ice than ice cream or frozen yogurt. There was no creamy texture at all. Major thumbs down for all desserts.


Best – Comedy Shows

The comedy shows were the best entertainment in the evenings. With a rotation of 4 comedians during the 8 day cruise, there was always a variation in comedic style. We didn’t attend the family friendly show. The shows after 9pm are adult shows with the last one at midnight. The comedians had different style from being outright taboo to taking on the audience for improv inspiration. Even if you aren’t fond of one comedian, go back a different night and you’ll be in for some laughs.

Worst – Divas/ The Brits!/Latin Nights

Carnival Breeze Brits
Carnival Breeze Brits

The Divas, Brits, and Latin Nights shows are by far the worst entertainment on board. They are all supported by the same cast and are a mix of bad choreography and even worse vocal synchronization. Bad doesn’t begin to cover the terrible ear-splitting singing that encompassed these shows. We went to all three to give it a chance, but always left right around the second or third act before a migraine ensued. A definite miss for the singing dancing shows.

Midnight Snack

Best – Midnight Snacks at Tandoor

Carnival Breeze Tandoor
Carnival Breeze Tandoor

A collection of simple ham/turkey and cheese sandwiches, hot dogs, cookies and brownies available on the aft of the Lido deck in the evenings make for the best late snack. Although simple, the food hit the spot and was very tasty.

Worst- Pizza Pirate

Carnival Breeze Pizza Pirate
Carnival Breeze Pizza Pirate

I am all for free pizza all day every day, but the pizza at the Pizza Pirate was terrible. I tried all of the selections and none was really good. They were all short on cheese and basically sauce and bread for the most part. Very disappointed as in cruises past, the pizza was always something you could count on.